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    At Academic Ascent we believe that every student can achieve. Our number one goal is to help students get past "I can't" and ascend to "I can." We strive to empower learners to be their best and clearly see a path to future success. Whether it's individual tutoring, group workshops, or academic coaching, we provide students with strategies that build skills, perseverance, and grit. With over 20 years of experience working closely alongside students from elementary to college, you can trust that Academic Ascent will help your child find their voice and the confidence to reach their highest levels of learning.


    Why online learning is truly helping our kids and why it is here to stay

    One-on-one & small group vs. classroom sessions

    Large classroom settings online can be a cumbersome experience and are often unproductive for many learners. Virtual tutoring is almost always one-on-one, or small groups of six or less with an instructor. We combat screen-fatigue by directly and meaningfully engaging with each student during every session, something that is very difficult to do in large-group settings.

    Higher frequency means better results

    Meeting virtually allows our tutors & coaches to see more students more frequently. Why is this a good thing? Aside from expanding our ability to efficiently reach more people, many of our students now benefit from receiving support multiple times per week rather than just one session. This provides for more frequent interaction with each student and quicker action from our tutors & coaches to respond to challenges instead of waiting days or weeks for the next session.

    Convenience factor

    Virtual tutoring & coaching is done in the comfort of your home, or on the go, or even while you're away on vacation (learning is all about keeping momentum!)

    Virtual tutors are able meet you at your scheduled time wherever you or your child might be. No traffic jams, no weather delays, just safe and timely sessions for both you and our teaching staff.

    Last-minute sessions!

    Online learning with Academic Ascent means that we understand things pop up, and our students might need a quick 30-minute session before a test or to help with homework. We always aim to accommodate our clients whenever they need us, and often can find someone who is available to help on-the-spot!


    From individualized tutoring & coaching to general academic support, we have something for every learner.

    Individualized Tutoring & Coaching

    Remediation, homework support, and organizational coaching for all subjects, from elementary to high school level.

    • Prescriptive, intentional, and fun! 
    • General homework and organizational support
    • Create effective systems for schedules, homework, extra-curricular activities
    • Practice efficient and successful study habits
    • Build foundational skills in core subjects
    • Provide strategies  to support comprehension, math concepts & written language

    $75-$85/ hour depending on grade level

    Intervention for Students with Dyslexia

    • Orton-Gillingham methodologies to support students that struggle with reading and spelling acquisition
    • Multi-sensory instruction to ensure each student reaches mastery across concepts
    • Tailored and paced o each student's unique learning profile-- no one size fits all programs here!
    • Our tutors are trained in a variety of Orton-Gillingham based programs including Wilson, Brainspring, & Phono-Graphix
    Online: $85/ hour

    Diagnostic Assessment

    Reading and spelling assessment for elementary students.

    • Letter recognition, formation, and sounds
    • Reading (syllable types & sight words)
    • Spelling (single and multi-syllabic words & sight words)
    • Reading fluency
    A written report is provided to be used with teachers, tutors, and other support staff. Diagnostic evaluations are offered Fridays only. Depending upon the child, assessments may be administered over multiple sessions.
    $325 includes written report and comprehensive evaluation and consultation

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    Holly Keegan, chief education officer (ceo)

    Core focus: 5th grade through high school, trained in Orton-Gillingham methodologies for students with dyslexia, general homework + organizational support, study skills, certified Academic Life Coach for middle and high school students

    Over the past 20 years, I've been both a classroom educator and private tutor. I taught at the renowned Hamilton School in Providence, Rhode Island and was a founding educator at The Sally Borden School in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts, two schools who are pioneers in working with students with language-based learning differences. Prior to founding Academic Ascent, I enjoyed ten years as a classroom teacher at Oakwood School in Annandale, Virginia, and came to deeply appreciate their small classroom format and innovative ways to individualize instruction. I am certified as an Academic Life Coach by Coach Training EDU and actively use these skills with many of our older students. In 2019, I started Academic Ascent to develop meaningful partnerships with students and their families, and illuminate the idea that with the right strategies and approach, school doesn't have to be such a struggle. Starting Academic Ascent is a dream realized!




    Core focus: 1st to 6th grade, trained in Orton-Gillingham methodologies for students with dyslexia, general homework support across all subjects

    I am so excited to bring my skills and teaching experience to Academic Ascent! I graduated from Penn State University in 2003 with a BA in Special Education, then went on to earn my Master’s Degree in Special Education/Learning Disabilities at American University. In my professional experience I taught at McLean School in Potomac, MD and Oakwood School in Annandale, VA, two schools specializing in educating students with learning differences. I have been extensively trained in Phonographix and Brainspring, both Orton-Gillingham based programs. My passion is seeing my students grow and show pride in their accomplishments! When I am not in the virtual classroom, I love playing with my happy and energetic two-year-old son and my six-year-old dog, Wiggles. I also love to travel! When I was four months old, after being adopted I made a transcontinental flight from South Korea to the US and I've loved visiting new places ever since!



    Core focus: middle and high school english + writing

    I always knew I’d be a teacher, but it wasn’t until I started college that I settled on a specific subject and grade level. I taught English Language Arts and creative writing to 9th and 11th graders for 13 years before I decided to go back to school and change things up a bit. Along with my Master’s Degree in Education, I also earned my literacy specialist certification. I spent the next three years as a literacy specialist in an elementary school. When I’m not teaching and learning, I’m raising my three kids, two cats, one dog, and a hedgehog! As busy as that sounds, I also make plenty of time to date my best friend, my husband of 17 years. I am excited to be a tutor with this team!


    Core focus: client support, marketing, recruiting, finance (and occasional guest instructor!)

    I absolutely love hearing when our students make break-throughs and achieve a desired goal or crush an exam they've been preparing for. It's the ultimate high when all the hard work comes to fruition and we can celebrate the success together! Much of what we do at Academic Ascent is like climbing a big mountain: nobody can carry us to the top but ourselves, but with a little determination and the right guide everyone can achieve great things. We believe in you!


    Do you love working with kids? Are you an experienced teacher or tutor, or are you aspiring to become one?

    Do you thrive on empowering others?

    Academic Ascent is looking for tutors and academic coaches at all experience levels to join our team as we help our clients ascend toward achieving their potential.


    Flexible hours.

    Work from home.

    Competitive pay rates.

    Dedicated support team.

    Inclusive and positive work environment.


    If that sounds like your type of fun, contact us and tell us about yourself.