• Online and in person academic support

    Climb. Achieve. Soar.

  • New Online Class series!

    Beginning Monday, September 21 through winter break (swipe for class schedule), we are offering group sessions in an online classroom format with a focus on organization and study skills instruction.


    This class is appropriate for 7th- 9th graders and is limited to 10 students.

    Academic strategies:

    ‣ Specific coaching strategies for all learners as well as peer collaboration

    ‣ Study skills for approaching tests, projects & other long-term assignments

    ‣ Clean Sweep! Every week, students will organize their space, and

    priorities for the week ahead.

    ‣ Increase confidence, develop critical-thinking skills, and arm students with practical tools


    Coaching strategies:

    In addition to effective study and organization strategies, we will also explore:

    ‣ Motivation styles

    ‣ How to tame inner critics
    ‣ Avoiding assumptions in relationships

    ‣ How to bust through limiting beliefs
    ‣ What it means to design personal perspective
    ‣ Making positive decisions with confidence

    Class schedule

    All classes will start at 6pm EST

    Monday 9/21
    Monday 9/28
    Monday 10/5
    Tuesday 10/13 (holiday)

    Monday 10/19

    Monday 10/26

    Monday 11/2

    Monday 11/9

    Monday 11/16

    Thanksgiving Break Monday

    Monday 12/7

    Monday 12/14

    Save money with a Graduated Pay Scale - Refer a friend (or three!).

    Up to 6 students: $550 ($50/session) 7-8 students: $440 ($40/session) 9-10 students: $330 ($30/session)

  • OUr Mission

    At Academic Ascent we believe that every student can achieve. Our number one goal is to help students get past "I can't" and ascend to "I can." We strive to empower learners to be their best and clearly see a path to future success. Whether it's individual tutoring, group workshops, or academic coaching, we provide students with strategies that build skills, perseverance, and grit. With nearly 20 years of experience working closely alongside students from elementary to college, you can trust that Academic Ascent will help your child find their voice and the confidence to reach their highest levels of learning.

  • How does online tutoring and coaching work?

    The convenience of online tutoring saves parents the hassle of driving to and from sessions.


    Create an account

    Create a free account with Zoom for meetings.


    Log In

    At the scheduled time, use the unique link provided to you by Academic Ascent to log into the session.


    We are ready to go!

    That's it! Zoom allows for screen sharing, white board access, and screen annotations.

  • services

    From individualized tutoring & coaching to general academic support, we have something for every learner.

    Individualized Tutoring

    All sessions are currently held online

    • Prescriptive, intentional, and fun! 
    • Orton-Gillingham interventions for students with dyslexia
    • General homework and organizational support
    • Reading, writing, and math

    Zoom online platform: $75/ hour

    Academic Coaching

    Every student deserves the chance to be their best.

    • Online 1-1 Academic Life Coaching
    • Create effective systems for schedules, homework, extra-curricular activities
    • Practice efficient and successful study habits
    • Manage negative self-talk
    • Find perspective
    • Develop leadership skills
    • Envision future self
    • Best suited for older middle school students- through college age 
    Zoom online platform: $100/hour or a 10 session package for $850 

    Diagnostic Assessment

    This is an in-person service. We will resume our evaluations as soon as it is safe to do so.

    Reading and spelling assessment for elementary students.

    • Letter recognition, formation, and sounds
    • Reading (syllable types & sight words)
    • Spelling (single and multi-syllabic words & sight words)
    • Reading fluency
    A written report is provided to be used with teachers, tutors, and other support staff. Diagnostic evaluations are offered Fridays only. Depending upon the child, assessments may be administered over multiple sessions.
    $300 includes written report and consultation
  • Let's Start the Climb!

    Access the calendar to book a consult, schedule a session, or sign up for a workshop


    Easily book a consult, sign up for services, or be taken to your individual client calendar to make changes.

  • Hello!

    Holly Keegan, founder of Academic Ascent


    Way back as a young educator fresh out of school, I took a job as a part-time tutor at a local learning center to make ends meet. It was the first place I began to notice a distinct pattern: the resources and strategies we used were effective for many students, but for others, the program simply didn’t work. The resulting strain on this other group of students, a group that didn’t necessarily need “more” as much as they needed “different”, would eventually become the impetus of my career. I grew tired of watching children not receive the support they truly needed in order to be confident, strong, capable learners. I felt there had to be a better way.


    I began to find that way in 2006 by becoming educated in the Orton-Gillingham approach for teaching children with dyslexia. Through my training and practicum, this experience brought me to work with some amazingly bright and dynamic students and confirmed what I already knew in my heart: that with the right approach and guidance, every child can climb higher toward their potential. I was hooked!


    Later I would teach students with learning differences at Hamilton School in Providence, Rhode Island, and also joined as a founding educator at The Sally Borden School in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts, two schools who are pioneers in this concept. I had fallen in love with the idea that teaching didn’t have to be stale or traditional – that in the right environment every child could get exactly what they needed. When I wasn’t busy in the classroom during those years I began working individually with families, consulting with parents on educational strategies, cultivating meaningful partnerships with my students, and supporting them with everything from reading intervention and test prep to building confidence and life skills. The proof was in the success of my students – it worked!


    Since then I have continued to solidify my belief in this approach to education. For a decade I taught at the Oakwood School in Annandale, Virginia, where in small-classroom format I was exposed to even greater ways to individualize our instruction and better support students with learning differences. I have also gone on to receive my certification as an Academic Life Coach. With this, it is my hope to show students that perseverance will always win, mindset is something that can be taught, and strategies are the key to unlocking the academic puzzles.


    Academic Ascent is born of the idea that academic needs are best met by developing meaningful partnerships with students and their families, building confidence in our kids, and illuminating the idea that with the right strategies and approach, school doesn’t have to be such a struggle.


    We can help get you there.


    Holly Keegan